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A little retooling...

      I am sorry for the blinking and irritating ads above in the Tripod shell. I do not have a website area available from my internet provider. Call me cheap, but I am not paying for a site when I am not in a business at this time. Scroll down a tad to ignore the ads.

      I am selling a few of my handmade items! Click on the "Sale!" button to see what I have for sale at this time. More items will appear as I can.

      The Bead page has photos of some on my beaded items. I hope to one day make glass beads again! The Tarot page has photos of the tarot boxes I have made. Some are made using seed beads or using Russian needlepunch on fabric. On the Fiber Fumblings page there are photos of my knitting, felting (new!), and other fibery stuff. There are links to various knit patterns. There is also links to the gallery of knitted lace bookmarks, a link to a webring, and more.

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